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Images are uploading into the upload folder no problem and the links show up on the image.php page. But the links do nothing.  I've re read the chapter and on page 369 you stress that nothing can be sent to the browser before using the header function.  I'm just not understanding this topic yet.  I hope someone can look at this?  Here is my show_image.php  and image.php.  All the files and the upload directory are in the root where they should be.  However unavailable.png DOES show up in the browser.  Must the images be outside the root directory as suggested? could that be the problem?  Thanks in advance.



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When you say "the links do nothing", what do you mean? Do you mean that you click on them and nothing happens? Or you click on them and the popup appears but there's not content in there? 

Could you also clarify where all the files are located on your file system?

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