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I think I was following the instructions very precisely, but the result isn't what it was supposed to be.


Going to mysite/about/ doesn't land me on the about page (which I have created just to see what would happen, even though the book doesn't mention anything about creating it.)


Repeated clicks on the links, modified as suggested in the book, result in URLs like this:






and so on.


I'd appreciate some help with this from a knowledgeable person.

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Dimitri, the code in the book works, so if you're not getting the desired result, then something is wrong with your code, but we can't confirm that unless you post your actual code.

From the information you have provided though, it seems like the URLs are being concatenated on top of each other, for one reason or another.

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I'd start by making a really simple mod_rewrite test that doesn't involve any regexes. That way you can at least confirm that the environment is not the issue.

I'd start with something simple like a.html, b.html and c.html, and see if you can make it so that when the b.html link is clicked from the a.html page, c.html instead of b.html is loaded.

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