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concise.min.css no margins, text editor not recognizing

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I copied and pasted the concise.min code from github but i noticed a few odd things:

There is no side margin when viewed on 100% only when its viewed on 80% see attached screenshot

im using brackets and normally brackets will color code the text that it recognizes this is fine until halfway through the file, however the last half of the file is still in black text, why is that? see attached screenshot

another student on the forums suggested exchanging the link to the cdn instead of using a local file, which i did, but now the site looks even wierder. See screenshot. 

So im not sure if the site is supposed to be looking like this or if ive made a mistake somewhere? 

I see im past the filesize allotment for this forum so here is a link to a public folder where i put the three screenshots:


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 It actually looks excellent on edge.. On firefox and chrome it looks horrible;

 I think i added some margins on the version in chapter 8 it made it look better, but its only on one of the pages, i didnt do it on every page, how can we fix this? 

edit: for some reason now its looking much better on chrome and firefox, cant remember what changes i made, but the problem of the no padding is now gone and its looking better across all three browsers. I will update this thread if any changes occur. 


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