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Hi Larry,

I am currently a  computer engineering student at Seneca College in Toronto, ON. I recently picked up your book because I saw that it was on sale. I hope you don't take any offense at all. Being a student, I'm sure you can relate that $50 is quite a bit for a starving student who's eating instant noodles almost every other day (besides the fact I can't really cook....). 

Anyways, that was my brief intro as to how I recently purchased your book. More importantly, I have always been fascinated with getting into web programming as well. What has really motivated me to continue my journey into learning another programming language is that I really enjoyed the challenge of being able to build my first C program that practical. In case you're wondering, it was an inventory control system which I found to be practical rather than it just being another lab. 
I'm emailing to figure out if there's a main difference between your fourth edition compared and fifth edition books. I do have basic HTML knowledge and know that HTML 5 has been released since the release of your 4th. I went to the php website and noticed it's php 7 rather than 5 which is noted in the book when you wrote it. 
Is this edition a good edition to start off at? 
Please let me know!
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Thanks for your post and for your interest in the book. PHP7 and HTML5 are the main changes in the 5th edition. Considering everything, you should stick to the 4th edition that you have!

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