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Been studying your book for a while and noticed it is not too much different from the 4th edition. The book's using mysqli_ for database connection, and the php is still version 5.some. Meanwhile, php 7 has come to life and the pdo is ubiquitous nowadays. As well as MVC and more or less object oriented approach in general. Some books i know of (i'm not sure if i can mention them here) went through this and even their hands-on practice evolved from developing a simple CMS to an almost framework-like application.

So, my question is: will you update your PHP & MySQL series?

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Thanks for your post and questions! I have been keeping the PHP & MySQL book up to date, and the 5th edition does reflect changes in PHP 7 (the book was written with PHP 7.1.7). I couldn't say for sure whether I'll ever do too much OOP in this particular book, though. It's a complicated subject--my PHP Advanced book spends hundreds of pages on it--and I wouldn't necessarily agree that MVC or OOP is ubiquitous in the PHP community. But these are the kinds of things I re-evaluate with each new addition and appreciate you raising the question!

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