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Hi, Everything is working ok the image upload and even the cart checkout.  But getting the No image available message.  Can anyone tell me how to make the image appear? it is only a jpg and very small. It does not upload to the uploads folder either. 

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Here is the part where it echos the prin from the while loop in the browse_prints file:: Also in the image file you can see that the uploaded files look incomplet without  file extensions. The properties just say 'File'  --weirdCapture.PNG.541a41aea0d4f009c9a980d391b29f77.PNGCapture.PNG.541a41aea0d4f009c9a980d391b29f77.PNG

// Display each record:
	echo "\t<tr>
		<td align=\"left\"><a href=\"browse_prints.php?aid={$row['artist_id']}\">{$row['artist']}</a></td>
		<td align=\"left\"><a href=\"view_print.php?pid={$row['print_id']}\">{$row['print_name']}</a></td>
		<td align=\"left\">{$row['description']}</td>
		<td align=\"right\">\${$row['price']}</td>


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That's all good info! The files should be just numbers without extensions, that's good. The next thing I'd do is run view_print.php?pid=1 directly in your browser and see the result. Hopefully you'll see a PHP error that explains what's going on.

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