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Style Sheet Chap 8 Consise.Css text--error shows not red

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Try as I might, the "text--error" class color of the font looks more brownie brown than red.   

I hi-jacked the concise.css file and change the color to this class to #FF0000.  I still am getting this brown color.

On a fresh page, I inline-styled the color #FF0000 and I saw the fire-engine red that I am expecting from the error class.

Question:  Does the concise.css have another class later on in its document that cancels out the red of text--error?


I cannot get the PAINT pictures to upload.  Under Oath:  the concise, even after I changed the original text--error color to #FF0000 and the page still shows brown.

When I inline style the color #FF0000, I get the red.


I wish to move on in the book rather than spend more than the two hours on this I have already flushed down the drain.


Thank You



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In answer to your question, the concise.css might have another class later on that's conflicting. Your best bet is probably to move on (CSS is hard if you don't do it fulltime and it's not critical to your learning at this point). Second to that, I'd use the developer tools in Chrome to see what CSS rules are or are not being applied. 

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Thank you Mr. Ullman for the reply to my question.

To my best recollection, the consise.min.css file had a hex color something like #aa8649 or so.

I changed the consise.min.css file text--error class the other day to #FF0000 when I posted my problem.  Now, a few days later, perhaps browser cache clearing and such, I now see the red I was anticipating loading through the text--error class.


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