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Hi Larry,

I have managed to find a way to integrate your login form from the 1st section, with the ecommerce site in the second section, which seems to work ok, but there is a slight problem.


Everytime I log in, then add items to the cart, then go to the chekcout page, if I decide I don't want to make a purchase at that point, and want to go back and browse more items, I am suddenly logged off.

So basically, after logging in, everytime I go to the checkout page from the cart page, and then press the back link to go back to the carts page, I am automatically logged off, then I have to log back in again. So the current session and user credentials gets destroyed everytime I go to the checkout page, and I am then logged off.

My question is:


Qu 1: Is there a way that I can remain logged in after going to the checkout page, and then clicking the back button to go back to the cart page?


Qu 2: Is there a way that I can remain logged in say for 15 minutes with no activity, and then automatically log out if the user hasn't reacted after 15 minutes?



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You're probably losing the logged in status b/c you're going back and forth from HTTP to HTTPS. If it's all HTTPS you probably won't have that problem. 

As for remaining logged in, it depends upon whether you're using cookies or sessions but it's just a matter of extending the duration of whichever accordingly.

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Hi Larry,

The logged in status is lost when I press the back button to return from the checkout page to the cart page.

1) The cart page doesn't begin with https(but the checkout page begins with https), the cart page is just a normal http page I believe.

So wouldn't the problem still exist, because I can't turn the cart page from http to https when it's supposed to be a normal http page.

2) I removed all the https and replaced them with http(for testing purposes), so I shouldn't be having the problem of losing status because I'm going from http to http, for the time being.


Qu 1: If my above logic is correct, how would I resolve the issue of not losing the logged in status by travelling from the cart(http page) to checkout page(https page)?




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