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curl issue

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Hi Larry,

I have managed to get all the way, error free up to the billing.php page.

When I get to the billing.php page and put in the values on page 306, and then try to process paymnet, I get an error saying:


An error occurred in script '/Applications/MAMP/htdocs/billing.php' on line 161:
Undefined offset: 3


The line it is referring to is in the billing.php page which is:


$reason = addslashes($response_array[3]);


I am not sure, but I think it may have something to do with the gateway_process.php page.


When I debugged the file, I get an empty string, "" returned when I execute:


$response = curl_exec($request);


This line is located in the gateway_process.php page.


I replaced all the https, with http, because I don't have an SSL certificate insalled yet.


Can you help me fix the problem please.





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The "undefined offset" means you're referring to an index position that doesn't exist. In this case, there is nothing at $response_array[3]. You should look at what $response_array is--what values it has indexed at what positions--and what you're actually trying to do to figure out what the right change is. 

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