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add_pdf.php move_uploaded_file()

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Hey Larry - it's my understanding that this error relates to the location of my web root directory? Thanks

An error occurred in script '/Users/saphiakharaz/Sites/html/add_pdf.php' on line 37:
move_uploaded_file(/~saphiakharaz/ecom1/html/pdfs/d19915d2209b4ead4a9cfc8cf246f7bc458dd8365d39f7e0081947.22694525_tmp): failed to open stream: No such file or directory

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Well, the error means that it cannot find the named file or directory, which either means the file or directory doesn't exist OR the file or directory path provided is wrong. Here it's the latter. Note that you start with 


That's probably wrong. In Unix, the tilde refers to the current user's home directory. So ~ in this case equals /Users/saphiakharaz. You have "/~saphiakhara" which is incorrect in a couple of ways. "~/ecom1/..." would be more correct  but you should probably use the full, absolute path  ("/Users/saphia...") instead. 

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