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Magick++, Imagick, XAMPP

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In case you need to have both C++/Magick++ and Imagick on your PC (localhost), after much trial and error I found, with thanks to those who posted the guidances and data following, how to install it correctly.  My environment is Windows 10 with the latest 64bit XAMPP from: https://www.apachefriends.org/download.html

I installed XAMPP/PHP version 7.3.7.  My development environment in this case is Visual Studio 2019 and Dreamweaver CS6.

The primary guidance is from: https://herbmiller.me/installing-imagick-php-7/ with many thanks to this gentleman.  But if you follow this exactly you will not have C++/Magick++ available.

Regarding compatible Imagick dlls and ImageMagick versions, see also: https://mlocati.github.io/articles/php-windows-imagick.html with thanks to Michele.  But again, the ImageMagick zips will not give you the C++/Magick++ headers or sub-directories.

For that you need to do the ImageMagick install from an exe and you can get this from: https://ftp.icm.edu.pl/packages/ImageMagick/binaries/ with many thanks to that institution.  You need to select the C and C++ headers option as well as the legacy option during the installation.

You need to be extremely careful to install the correct/compatible versions in all cases as advised in Herb Miller's post.

By following this guidance exactly I managed to get one installation of ImageMagick with the PHP/Imagick and Magick++ functionality available.



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