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So I am looking at developing a jobsboard, which has three tables:


Company - Store details of companies looking to advertise jobs, build profile.

Jobs - Store details of Jobs being advertised for a certain period of time.

Orders - Store details of the transactions for the jobs being posted.


The way it works is the company completes registration form, then has the option of posting jobs which they will be charged a fix fee.


Now what foreign key would I store in the Orders table? since I am using Paypal and don't know how much information you can carry over. Would I store the CompanyID or the JobsID or both?






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If one order is related to one job, then at the very least, you'd have to associate an order ID with a job ID, yes.

You could also associate the company ID with an order ID, but since you should already have the company ID linked to job IDs in another table, doing so wouldn't be the most normalized solution (although that doesn't mean you can't do it).


Without more details, it's hard to help you beyond that. Sorry.

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