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Chapter 17 - Script 17.1 menu issue

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I am trying to figure out problem with header.html (Script 17.1). When i run the script, instead of links like Home, Forum Home, New Thread....i see ' . $words['home'] . '  '. $words['forum_home'] .' ..etc.

My first impression was i typed something wrong. I replaced my file with file code download from the forum site but the problem is still present.

I appreciate any help!


Script 17.1.jpg

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Just one more questions regarding this script...header.html includes line: require('../mysqli_connect.php');

I presume this line will point to the mysqli_connect.php file, that is, per your safety recommendations, located outside web directory. if header.html file is located on my PC in C:/xampp/htdocs/includes folder, and htdocs is my web directory, mysqli_connect.php file should be located in xampp folder (two levels up from includes folder)? Do I need to change script line from  ../mysqli_connect.php to ../../mysqli_connect.php?

Appreciate your help very much!

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The header.html file is going to be included from another script, so the reference to mysqli_connect.php needs to be correct relative to that parent script. That parent script should be in the htdocs folder, so ../mysqli_connect.php should be correct (if it's in the xampp folder). 

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