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Table structure is:

ID int(11) Auto Primary Key Not NULL

DetoxUnit varchar(255)

Address1 varchar(255)

Address2 varchar(255)

Suburb int(11)

Phone varchar(255)

Fax varchar(255)

Contact varchar(255)


Command is:

insert into tblDetoxUnits (DetoxUnit, Address1, Address2, Suburb, Phone, Fax, Contact) values('Dr Gumley\'s Sanitorium', '21 Acidic way', '', '13', '3210 9999', '3210 8888,' 'Michelle');


The error message is:

Column count doesn't match value count at row 1 in
on line


As far as I can see I am trying to insert 7 values into their 7 coresponding columns.


What am I missing?

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That's Great! Code on bruda! or (Sista!... profile didn't say gender) Im just paying it forward when I can, cause there is a ton of help on this forum. This is the only spot on the internet for coding help (as far as I am concerned) that is worth while. I keep coming back and learning from all the loyal members, especially when I read other members coding troubles & solutions.



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