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Dot Com Or Dot Net

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Its hard these days to domain names as everyone registers the good ones to sell.


I found a .com domain but the only problem is the first word is a slang word and not the formal word. I did manage to get the .net version of the formal name but i am not sure whether to go ahead with this or use the slang word .com domain. The person that has the formal .com domain wants 2 millon dollars for it.


I noticed online that ebid.net seemed to have done really well even though they are .net, can anyone help me make a final decision on the domain name.

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Well, I'd like 2 millions dollars for my house but... The idea of a domain name being worth 2 million dollars in this day and age is ridiculous. I would say that .com is still preferred over .net, but hardly a deal breaker. Many of the newer sites are using alternative, other country endings, such as bit.ly and vine.co. I would look into that angle. Or just go with the .net. 


At the end of the day, having a good site that's worth visiting is way more important than anything else.

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I heard some people online that said they changed their websites from .net to .com and they said the .com got more traffic. People said that when people went to search in google they would type in for example if they were looking for clothes they would type clothes.com so then the .net's would not be in the search. From my research it was the only information i could find that is why i want to ask more here. I quite like .net as it is the abreviation for network which does sound more appropriate for my website.

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.com is the most valuable name all the way. Have you tried gandi.net? I have several domains registered with them. You can get almost every extension. When there is a country or government restriction on extension. I use MARCARIA.com to get a country restricted domain.

First domain I bought was back in 1999. I have about 100 or so domains. (some very valuable).

My 11th grade teacher told me circa 1994 - 1995 to register a domain / start an online business after school. Like every name was availiable then. But being the not so brite student I was, I thought that the internet was part of school and I hated school. I should have listerned to Ms. Anderson. Plus the names where like $50 bucks. ...sigh....  I missed out on the dot com version of my name that I originally wanted.

I did get the .net .org and other names after I came to my senses.


I do however believe Larry when he says that content and a reason to return to your website and is more valuable than a name.

You should build a brand and identity. (imoo).


Although my profession is Heating Ventalation Air Conditioning. The biggest department is Preventive Maintenance.

They call it HVAC in the industry. Every internet company  / Data Center / Google / what have you, needs cooling or HVAC preventive maintenance for their CRAC units or CRAH units to cool their servers. Thus, I registered the domain http://hvac.pm/

There are billion dollar mechanical hvac contractors that would love to own my name. But, I am saving it so that If my web project doesn't go as planned, I'm just gonna start an air-conditioning company named "hvac(dot)pm".








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