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Hi Larry, I am having the darndest time trying to get this MySQL to work right. I've installed XAMPP and am able to access it from the command line and all of that fun stuff, but when I try to access script 12.1 on my web browser, all I get is an 'object not found' error. I guess the bottom line question is, where exactly am I supposed to save the file? Your book says 'the proper directory of your PHP-enabled computer,' but that didn't clear it up for me, unfortunately. Where did you save your file? I'm trying to access it with http://localhost/filename.php, and maybe that's the problem? Help, please!

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With XAMPP, you place PHP scripts in the XAMPP htdocs folder, which may be C:\xampp\htdocs, assuming you're using Windows and installed XAMPP in C:\. More importantly, what did you actually name the file? I assume not "filename.php". Did you have this problem with any scripts in the first 11 chapters?

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