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Hi Larry and everyone,

I have really painted myself into a corner with this one.image.thumb.png.d96fc34f59d37295159e0684a108de49.png

Above is the database that I created for a timeline.  The issue is that not all of the dates at my disposition have days and months.  Some are just years.  Hence, I had to make a separate column for years only.

What I want to do is create a timeline using tables so that any year that has either a YYYY date and/or a YYYY-MM-DD date appears in chronological order.  I tried it with a for loop starting at $i = 1700 - 2000 which works for the first year but the  

while ($enquiry3 = @mysqli_fetch_array($enquiry2))

will only iterate once and then stops.  The alternative is to use MySQL such as:

for($i = 1700; $i <= 2000; i++)


       $enquiry = "SELECT * from Timeline WHERE Year = $i ORDER BY Year ASC"


which works OK for getting the year only files.  Then we need to get the full date files so we try:


for($i = 1700; $i <= 2000; i++)


      $enquiry = " SELECT * from Timeline WHERE Date = YEAR($i, %Y) ORDER BY Date ASC"


 ....but the date function doesn't seem to work.

Any ideas???




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OK, have just got it.

There is no need to use YEAR() function as the Date column will accept SELECT * FROM Timeline WHERE Date LIKE '%$i%' SORT BY Date ASC


All working now.




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