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INTEGRATING 3rd Party API To A PHP Website

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I have a current project that i want to develop but i am getting confused along the way and would need valuable support from this forum. The project is about an organization that lends money(loan) to some set of government workers whose salaries details and bank accounts are with the Web Service which the website will be integrated into.

The logic of the program is that the loan applicant will first of all enter his/her first name, last name, email and phone number on a front-end form on the loan issuer website, then when he/she clicks the submit button, his data will be sent to the web service API to check the applicants data in their database to know if they are eligible to be granted loan. If yes, then the loan applicant proceeds in requesting for loan.

The web service API did not provide detailed documentation on how to do the integration. But they listed some headers like MERCHANT_ID, API_KEY, REQUEST_ID, REQUEST_TS, API_ENDPOINT, API_METHOD, AUTHORIZATION_TOKEN etc that must be used to construct the request to the API.

I therefore seek for helpful php codes that can educate me on how to go about making calls to API, retrieving data from its response and possibly saving the data into database.

Looking out for your supports in this forum.

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Two things do stand out for me here. First, any time you're talking about handling money, the requirements are way more strict. You'll need to think a lot about security, but there are also legal and regulatory requirements like licensing, KYC (Know Your Customer), illegal money transmissions, etc. I can't exactly tell if these will be concerns of yours or not, but something to be aware of, at least.

Second, that you're trying to use an API that's poorly documented is a cause for concern!

In any case, good luck with your project and let us know if you have any specific questions! 

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