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Hi Larry,

I want to offer different subscription plans on my virtual products site (free, basic, standard and premium) that would limit subscribers to a number of views. Should I use the virtual subscription model (Part 2) and adapt it, or use the shopping cart model (Part 3)?


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So I assume that limiting by number of views means a certain number of views within a specific time from (e.g., 10 per month). I'd start with the standard subscription model, where you store the date and then refresh the date with every successful payment (i.e., add a month). This separates active subscriptions from inactive ones. Then create a way of recording views, maybe in another table. When the user views a page, check how many views they have in the current period (i.e., since their last payment date). If they have none left, print that message. If they have any left, show the content but update the record of views. 

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