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Does starting Sessions on Checkout Page mess with Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce?

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I have setup Google Enhanced Analytics on my website to track each stage of the checkout process. I.E.

1) Step 1 - View Cart
2) Step 2 - Add Billing Details (Checkout page in book)
3) Step 3 - Review order, add payment details

This triggers when a user loads each page.

However the Google analytics is showing more users are reaching Step 3 than are reaching the Step 2 (an impossible event).

So I am wondering, as per the book: "The shopping part of the site purposefully does not use sessions (in order to give longevity to the customer’s cart and wish list), but the checkout process will." - Does starting a new session at Step 2 cause this issue?

Has anyone else had an issue with this? Or am I barking up the wrong tree?

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Aside from the use of a cookie, the sessions are an entirely server-side thing, and the method in the book just uses a different cookie. I can't imagine this is messing up Google Analytics. 

How do you know you can't reach Step 3 without Step 2? Keep in mind that even if Step 3 checks that Step 2 happened and reports an error message if it didn't, that still counts as a page view for Step 3. 

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