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Sql Commands And Sample Data From The Book'S Web Site: How To Use?


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Can anyone help me get the sample data and SQL commands into Workbench?


The book says "You can download the complete SQL commands, along with some sample data, from the account page on the book’s Web site." (Page 64)


Are these files for use in MySQL Workbench? If so, how can I get the commands and sample data into Workbench?


I have already opened the yii_cms.mwb fil in Workbench, and I can see the visual of the table relationships. But I don't know how to import the data and SQL commands.


This is not obvious to me, since Workbench is new for me.


I have already downloaded and unzipped these files:



SQL commands 
MySQL WorkBench file for the CMS site 
Edited Code for the CMS Example 
I am using version 0.5 of Larry Ullman's Yii book.
I'm on Win XP, with XAMPP and Workbench running. 


Any help would be much appreciated.


Thanks in advance!


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I figured out part of the process:


To import the data, open the Workbench home page, click Server Administration, then Data Import/ Restore, then locate the cms.sql file, etc.


But I'm still puzzled by Larry's "cms-code" folder. Should I copy and paste the contents to overwrite any existing files in the "Site Shell" that was started on page 34 with yiic?


Also, where can I find the SQL commands? And what should I do with them?



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Personally, here's how I view it:

- The MySQL Workbench file is for those that like to work with MySQL Workbench. You don't have to use it.

- The SQL commands (cms.sql) can be used with MySQL Workbench or any other tool to create and populate your database. 

- I would not copy the cms-code folders to your site, but rather use my code to compare to the code you're writing and editing. Or you can cut and paste as necessary.

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