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Gii Model Generator Shows Only 1 Of 5 Tables For Yii_Cms


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How can I get all the tables to appear when generating models in Chapter 4? (p 71, version 0.5)


When I click the Preview button, the Model Generator shows just one table. In contrast, the book shows 5 tables. How can I get all 5 tables to appear in the Model Generator list?


More info: When I open the database in the MyPhpAdmin Designer view, I can see all 5 tables -- and their relationships -- so I know they exist. (I can also see 3 other tables, all starting with "auth".)



My yiicdemo files are here: D:\xampp\htdocs\yiicdemo
My framework folder is here: D:\xampp\framework
The Code Template dropdown shows this:
default (D:\xampp\framework\gii\generators\model\templates\default)
The Code File list shows only one table:








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I've solved the problem myself (blush).


I realized that I had not uncommented "'db'=>array" etc in main.php


But now I see the following 8 files, not just the 5 shown in the book: 



Is it okay to generate code for all of these files?
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