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Verify Using Routes

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I tried to use the Verify route from the book.


'verify/<x:\w+>/<y:\w+>' => 'user/verify',


i added a verify action to my user controller,


public function actionVerify($x, $y)




i will be passing an email and activation code to it.




however when i tested it i receive this message:


Error 404
Unable to resolve the request "verify/email@gmail.com/1d2860f7df".
Does anyone know what i am doing wrong?


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The @ doesn't match a word. Apologies if that was my fault. You'll need to change the "x" match to allow for that, and the period, and anything else that could be in a email address. Let me know if you need help in doing that.

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Thanks Larry and Jonathon, i changed mine to


'verify/<x:.+>/<y:\w+>' => 'user/verify',


and now it works, i prefer to use the + over * as there has to be more than 1 character i guess it doesn't matter and comes down to your own personal preference.

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