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Db Connection Ok, Html Folder Hangup

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I'm quite sure I've got the db connection working because when I navigate to mysql.inc.php I just get a blank browser with no errors.

but when I navigate(through the browser url) to index.php, it hangs on connecting...

I suspect its one of the path variables - when I installed xaamp 1.7.4  port 80 was busy so I changed it to 85.

below are my path variables in config.inc.php:


// Determine location of files and the URL of the site:
define ('BASE_URI', 'C:\xampp\htdocs\ecommerce\virtual\knowledge\html');
define ('BASE_URL', 'localhost:85');
define ('PDFS_DIR', BASE_URI . 'pdfs/'); // Added in Chapter 5.
define ('MYSQL', BASE_URI . 'C:\xampp\htdocs\ecommerce\virtual\knowledge');


for the BASE_URL constant I tried:


and the current:



-and still continues to hang


I'm using the older xaamp because the new version wasn't working for me.

And I also have the exact setup on another computer -with the same configs and paths etc... and all is fine. Im trying to put it on my laptop as well

-using firefox

-windows 7 -later I will port to a real unix  box

Hope you all can help.




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I would first start by trying to access a non-dynamic resource through the URL, like an image or a CSS script. If that loads promptly without issue, then the problem is in index.php (or PHP in general). If it hangs, then the problem is with the XAMPP configuration. Make sure you're going through a URL, though.

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