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Errata Page 94


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Hi Larry, I think that there is a little mistake on page 94. According to the db table "page" there are two date fields, "date_published" and "date_updated", but in the book, printing the # protected/models/Page.php::rules(), you wrote "date_entered" and "date_published". One more time I have to say thank you for your hard work!


edit: found another little errata on page 95, when you print # protected/models/User.php::rules(), there is the "date_updated" attribute that doesn't exist in the "user" table, let me know if I have an old/wrong version of the db file!


edit2: another little thing on page 104, I don't know if I didn't understand well what you meant but you wrote: "BELONGS_TO. This constant represents the "one" side of a one-to-many relationship" but, if I think about a page and a user, I think that "many pages BELONGS TO one user", so BELONGS_TO is related to the "many" side. I hope that my comments will be helpful for your work, otherwise, if I'm wrong please forgive me but I'm a really NOOB developer XD

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Hi Larry, I logged in with my account and downloaded again the book but file is the same of 2 April (when i purchased), there is another place where I can download the file? Can you attach to the file name the version number? I think that can be very helpful for us (so we don't post errata already corrected) and also for you (so you don't have to read unuseful post). PS: I'm a male, not Danielle but Daniele :D

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