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Ajax Question And Mysql Results

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I have a MySQL query that pulls records from my database and displays them. I want to start using AJAX inside my scripts to make my websites more professional.


Does anyone know of any example scripts that will pull some data and have like a Sort link a user can click on to sort the SQL query by price (min/max)using AJAX?


I have Larry's book "Bulding a Web Site with AJAX, but the examples use dropdown menus not hyperlinks to sort the SQL results.


Thanks in advance for any information.




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ToolJob, you can use any sort of JavaScript event to trigger an Ajax request to a PHP script to get information. Be aware that if you, for example, attach an onclick event to an a tag, you need to return false, in order to squelch the default behavior of the browser wanting to follow the href in the a tag.


Sorry for the brief response, but in a bit of a hurry. If you want more specific information, just ask.

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