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After having almost finished learning the "Quickstart" version of the book, I recently bought the "Quickpro".


I just had a look at the index, and I'm a little bit surprised not to find any mention of CMS as a widespread application of php/mySQL.


Can you recommend a book dealing with this topic? Something like "Understand WordPress php/mySQL background"

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I'm pretty certain one of the examples toward the end of the book builds a mini cms and another example goes through the process of user registration quite thoroughly. As you've tagged this thread with Wordpress you may be disappointed as this book is not about working with Wordpress. However, since reading this book, I've built several websites providing cms capability.


If you're wanting resources specific to Wordpress you might want to look at the Wordpress codex. Lynda.com has several wordpress tutorials and you might want to check out Smashing Wordpress and PackT publishers.

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