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Preventing Property "Cwebuser.First_Name" Is Not Defined When Using Set State


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I've been using 


$this->setState('first_name', $user->first_name);


To set the first name of a user and use this value within a menu.


However when I try to hide the menu if the user isn't logged in I get the error message above in the title. Whcih I understand. I just don't know how to overcome this in Yii. Sure it's simple. If someone could help me out that would be great.


Here is the menu code.



code above
  array('visible'=> !Yii::app()->user->isGuest, 'label'=>Yii::app()->user->first_name, 'items'=>array(


This code works fine once logged in. Just not when a user is not logged in





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I know exactly what you're talking about and have seen it myself before. A solution, which shouldn't seem necessary but is, would be to wrap the 'label' value in an isset():

'label' => (isset(Yii::app()->user->first_name) ? Yii::app()->user->first_name : 'Greetings')
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