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How To Set Maximun Rows In A Textarea

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I am having trouble trying to control the amount of data that a user can enter in a textarea on a form.


The code (just a small segment of the full page form that I have is as follows:


<hr />

<p><b>Special Notes Regarding this form information: </b></p>

<p><textarea cols="45" rows="5" name="comments" wrap="hard"> </textarea></p>

<br />

<hr />


I have the limit set at 5 rows, but when typing in the area, the user can continue on and on and this will be unacceptable. I have thought of a message to say only type on the first 5 lines, but that doesn't seem to be very professional.


Any help would be appreciated



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Thought I posted here earlier? Maybe I forgot to push the Add Reply-button...


You can't check number of rows. What you can do is check for a certain LENGTH of the comment (and this should be about 5 rows)


Lets say that 255 characters.


§comment = §_POST['comment'];

if (strlen(§comment) < 255) {
  echo "You can only type 255 characters, Twitr style!";

// some other checks aswell

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