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When To Move To A Vps?

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As someone who perpetually freaks out about the possible "site explosion", your What's Larry Thinking? #68 really put my mind at ease.  I especially liked your sequential list of steps to take should a site start to grow.  I do have a few questions:


1.  For those still in Shared Hosting, when exactly do we know when it's time to move to basic VPS?

2.  Is it "easy" to move from Shared Hosting to VPS?  In other words, if I stay with the same host, would I need to change anything except when I upgraded?

3.  Does Cloud Hosting have any advantage over basic VPS?


Thank you and keep up the great work!



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Sorry for the delay. This got lost in the shuffle when I switched computers. 


The most obvious answer is that you switch when you can afford it and/or when your current hosting can't keep up with the demand. So when you're getting so much traffic that you're hitting the limits of your hosting plan or your site is getting too slow, then you should upgrade.


It is fairly easy to move, especially if you stay with the same host. 


Cloud hosting definitely has advantages, mostly in terms of being able to scale on demand. Many cloud hosting options also include some aspect of a CDN. Normally you're paying more for cloud hosting, though, and there may not be the same (or the necessary) features.

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