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How To - Adding Your Own Helper Functions Class

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Hi Larry! Could you please add into your Yii book at some point information on how to add your own helper classes into Yii in the correct manner.


I am sure i am not the only one with small repeated code snipets that we could extract into helper class functions.


Also, whats up with the last chapters, its almost two months since an update?

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Thanks, the class part is very important for my website, that chapter will be very useful. I am coming to the end of my item listings page, it took me some time to fully understand the SWF flash image uploader and completely rewrite the javascript handlers. I guess its the first time for me doing this kind of work so from now on things will be faster. Hey i guess it will be faster for you also when you extend your Yii Book to cover Yii 2 also. I am glad i have used the Yii framework as its taken a hell of a long time just to complete some of the development parts, its just one bug after another and then all the Edward Carnby detective work has to come into play. If i take a look back at your PHP books they were basically the first stepping stones for many to come but they are definitely the right place to begin.

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I was just working on an ajax request to check if the username was available. We also must take into account the criteria that is actually required for this username in the first place. So before even executing an ajax request the value of the text input should be run through a regular expression. As you wouldn't want to check if a username was available for one character if the minimum number of characters for a username was 4 - 6 or it contained characters which were not appropriate. Just something to think about! Or may be i am starting to get too big for my boots!

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Yes if you take a look at my profile page you will see the ajax loader in action. I've been working a lot with these recently.


The gif animation image doesn't spin on the post threads, i can see the images are being resized to prevent this. I did try to put in a 90 x 90 spinner but the page resizes anyway so no luck. :(

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