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Yii Application Log Running In Google Chrome

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I have been working on uploading images in my Yii application everything works fine on FireFox, but in Google Chrome, when the image was uploading it was drawing up weird stuff on the page. I done further investigation and found out it was part of the appliation log. I have now disabled the application log in Yii and now image uploading is working perfectly in Yii.

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I will definitely report in if i find and fix weird errors, these sorts of threads are useful. I have made a major breakthrough today, finally i have all my image and manipulation/resampling sorted out. All my uploading stuff is 100% working now. Woooohooooooh Wooooohoooooh, i am extremely happy right now! :) Sometimes i wonder is there really a God or are we just clever, its just sometimes i am bashing away and get no where and then just in a few seconds like it all becomes clear.


Oh, i do have a question. How can we test our websites with Internet Explorer on Mac, since you have one? I read a thread that Internet Explorer would no longer be produced for it, so what do we do?


(My Avatar represents current website development in process)

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I don't think IE has been produced for the Mac for years now. Here's what I do:


  • Start with syntactically correct HTML, CSS, etc.
  • Make sure it's looking/working right in Chrome (Mac)
  • Get it almost absolutely complete
  • Test in Safari (Mac)
  • Test in IE using virtualization software (currently Parallels)


If it's really important and there's money for it, then I test it on screenshot sites.

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I think you are making the right decision then, yii 1 is great. But everything is taking much longer than what i expected it would with development, its definitely a good idea to use a framework. I saw some talk of making bootstrap as the main css for Yii 2 however when i use it in Yii 1 i really barely use their widget and find it better to hard code the css in. Tony Spanard was saying they shouldn't build in a css framework into Yii and it should be made as an extension, i agree with what he is saying.

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