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I have a script that works OK but I'm not sure if it's by design or by accident.


On pages 91 through 94, Larry advises on how to use PHP redux, a technique that I use often.


Here's my scenario:


I have a PHP script, let's call it script one, that calls PHP script 2 and passes a key value to it.  I test for a key value as the first thing in script 2 via 'if (isset($GET['key']))' and retrieve its value. This works fine.


Then script 2 uses that key value to populate a form with values from a database select. The user is able to change any of the values in the form. Script 2 then calls itself via PHP redux.


Now this is the part that I don't quite understand.  The form is method=POST and that same key value is included in the form via an input type=hidden, a name of 'key', and the value via a PHP echo.


But the test for isset($GET['key']) still works and retrieves the correct value for key.  But the form is POST?  On the URL for the redux-called script two I can see the '?key=key-value suffix.


Can someone please help me understand this?


Thank you in anticipation.

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The action attribute value of your HTML form is the URL that the form will post to.

As such, if there is a ?name=value part on the end of the URL set for the action attribute, then you will be able to access that name-value pair via the GET method when you post the form.

If you don't want this, the simple solution is to not put the ?name=value part on the end of the URL specified for the action attribute of the form.

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Hi HartleySan,


I do not have an action value at all in my form.  Some time ago Larry advised to not use that when doing a redux - apparently it defaults to the current script URL and maybe that is why the GET/key is still there from the first call?


Thanks again for your interest and advice.


Cheers from Oz.

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It's very possible, but I don't know off the top of my head.

I usually hesitate from doing things like leaving attribute values blank, because the default behavior can differ from browser to browser.

I would recommend specifying an actual value, be it with or with out URL parameters.

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