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$_Session['Order_Id'] Loses The Value When The View_Order.Php File Is Reloaded

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Hi, I encountered a bug when using the 'view_order.php?oid=x' page (page #344 in the book), first time it loads, everything works fine and the $_SESSION['order_id'] is assigned the right value,


after I click on the 'Ship This Order' button the page reloads itself and the URL becomes just the 'view_order.php' so the script should use 'elseif (isset($_SESSION['order_id'])' to assign '$order_id = $_SESSION['order_id'],


but it doesn't, because for some reason the '($_SESSION['order_id'])' loses its value. I rechecked everything many times and there's no any mistake in my code here. And logic in the code

is clear and obviously right.


Meanwhile I found a workaround by modifying the <form action="view_order.php"...

to <form action=" to view_order.php?oid=' . $order_id . '"...,


so instead of the session the script uses $_GET['oid'] method and it works.


But anyway I'd like to know if there's something I could tweak to make the session work in this file.



I didn't have any problems using sessions when I was redirecting the user from the checkout.php to the billing.php and so on.


The  view_order.php doesn't jump from https to http or www. and the session_start(); function is always in the header.html




Thanks in advance.







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If you are using session_start() at the beginning of the script each time, then the $_SESSION superglobal will retain values you set.

Without seeing your code though, there's not much else I can say.

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Thank you for your help, here is the code:



// This file allows the administrator to view a specific order.
// The administrator can also mark order items as shipped.

// Require the configuration before any PHP code as configuration controls error reporting.
require ('../includes/config.inc.php');

// Set the page title and include the header:
$page_title = 'Просмотр заказа';
include ('./includes/header.html');
// The header file begins the session.

// Validate the order ID:
$order_id = false;

if (isset($_GET['oid']) && (filter_var($_GET['oid'], FILTER_VALIDATE_INT, array('min_range' => 1))) ) { // First access

    $order_id = $_GET['oid'];
    $_SESSION['order_id'] = $order_id;         

} elseif (isset($_SESSION['order_id']) && (filter_var($_SESSION['order_id'], FILTER_VALIDATE_INT, array('min_range' => 1))) ) {

    $order_id = $_SESSION['order_id'];


// Stop the page if the $order_id is not valid:
if(!$order_id) {
    echo '<h3>Ошибка!</h3><p>Эта страница была открыта ошибочно.</p>';    
    include ('./includes/footer.html');

/* If the page does not have a valid order ID, there's no point in continuing.
An error will be printed, the footer included, and the script terminated. */

// Require the database connection:

    // Update the order_contents table:
    $q = "UPDATE order_contents SET ship_date=NOW() WHERE order_id=$order_id";

    $r = mysqli_query($dbc, $q);

} // End of the submission IF.

// Define and execute the query:
$q = 'SELECT total,

      DATE_FORMAT(order_date, "%a %b %e, %Y at %h:%i%p") AS od,
      email, cus.name, CONCAT_WS(", ", district, city, address1, address2) AS address,
      phone, customer_id, CONCAT_WS(" - ", c.category, p.name) AS item,
      quantity, price_per,
      DATE_FORMAT(ship_date, "%b %e, %Y") AS sd,
      file_name, cat_file_name, CONCAT("O", p.id) AS sku
      FROM orders AS ord
      INNER JOIN customers AS cus ON (ord.customer_id=cus.id)
      INNER JOIN order_contents AS oc ON (oc.order_id=ord.id)
      INNER JOIN products as p ON (oc.product_id=p.id)
      INNER JOIN categories as c ON (c.id=p.category_id)
      WHERE ord.id=' . $order_id;

// Execute the query:
$r = mysqli_query($dbc, $q);

// If rows were returned, start a form:
if(mysqli_num_rows($r) > 0) { // Display the order info:

    echo '<h3>Заказ:</h3>
    <form action="view_order.php" method="post" accept-charset="utf-8">
        <fieldset>'; // I had to hack and put the ?oid=' . $order_id . ' above, because for some reason the $_SESSION['order_id'] loses its value when the page is reloaded.
        // The form posts back to this same page and only contains, as written,
        // a submit button.
        // Fetch the first returned row and display the general information:
        $row = mysqli_fetch_array($r, MYSQLI_ASSOC);
        echo "<p><strong>Номер заказа</strong>: $order_id<br />
        <strong>Общая сумма</strong>: {$row['total']}руб.<br />
        <strong>Дата заказа (the US time)</strong>: {$row['od']}<br />
        <strong>Имя клиента</strong>: {$row['name']}<br />
        <strong>Адрес клиента</strong>: {$row['address']}<br />
        <strong>Тел.</strong>: {$row['phone']}<br />
        <strong>email</strong>: {$row['email']}        
        // Create the table:
        echo '<table border="0" width="100%" cellspacing="2" cellpadding="2">
                <th align="center">Единица товара</th>
                <th align="right">Цена</th>
                <th align="center">Кол-во</th>
                <th align="center">Доставлен?</th>
            // For confirming that the order has shipped:
            $shipped = true;

            // Print each item:
            do {
                echo '<tr>
                    <td align="left"><a title="Просматреть товар в новой вкладке - URL: ' . $row['file_name'] . '" target="_blank" href="' . BASE_URL . 'catalog/' . $row['cat_file_name'] . '#' . $row['sku'] . '">' . $row['item'] . '</a></td>
                    <td align="right">' . $row['price_per'] . '</td>
                    <td align="center">' . $row['quantity'] . '</td>
                    <td align="center">' . $row['sd'] . '</td>
                // Update the shipping status:
                if (!$row['sd']) $shipped = false; // if $row['sd'] is NULL (for any item in the order),
                // then the entire order has not been shipped yet, and the flag variable should
                // indicate such.
            } while ($row = mysqli_fetch_array($r));           

            echo '</tbody></table>';                
            // If the order hasn't entirely shipped, create the submit button:
            if(!$shipped) {
                echo '<div class="field"><input type="submit" value="Заказ доставлен" class="button" /></div>';
                // For orders that have completely shipped, no submit button will exist.
        echo '</fieldset>
} else { // Complete the mysqli_num_rows() conditional:

    // No records returned:
    echo '<h3>Ошибка!</h3><p>Данная страница была открыта из-за ошибки</p>';

include ('./includes/footer.html');

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The session should be started in the configuration file, I believe. 


I would start by confirming the session ID to make sure that's not changing. I'd also confirm the value of order ID at all points.

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