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Can'T Run Dev-C++ From C Drive

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I have downloaded Dev-C++ into a directory c:\dev-cpp as suggested in the rext.  However, if I open the program and try to use any of the scripts, it gives a large number of errors, the first one saying there was a multiple instance of 'main.'  In c:\strawberry\c\i686-w64-mingw32\ lib\crt.o        


So I copied all the scripts to a flash drive and then right-clicked on the script 'hello.cpp' and opened it with Dev-Cpp, and when it came up it compiled and ran.  Maybe it is some kind of path thing, but it won't run from the C: drive.  Any help is very much appreciated.  Thank you.


PS It's a Windows Vista OS.

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Unfortunately this is not something I've seen before. I would assume it's a path issue, as you also suspect. But I'm not much of a Windows expert, so off the top of my head, I don't know what the solution would be.

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