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There is also no mention in the book of edit_page.page, so are you mistaken or i am mistaken?


No, there is no mention of


but, like I said


IS mentioned. From page 311:

<h1><span><?php echo $page->
 getDateAdded(); ?></span><?php
 echo $page->getTitle(); ?></h1>
<?php echo $page->getContent(); ?>
<?php if ($user && $user->
 canEditPage($page)) {
echo '<p><a href="edit_page.
php?id='. $page->getId() .
} ?>

and from the scripts:

<!-- # page.html - Script 9.10 -->
<section class="fullWidth">
        <h1><span><?php echo $page->getDateAdded(); ?></span><?php echo $page->getTitle(); ?></h1>
        <?php echo $page->getContent(); ?>  
        <?php if ($user && $user->canEditPage($page)) {
        echo '<p><a href="edit_page.php?id=' . $page->getId() . '">EDIT</a></p>';
        } ?>

Last time I checked, it *wasn't* there!

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Sorry for the confusion. Yes, there is a link to "edit_page.php" in the chapter's code, but there's no discussion of the page in the chapter, and so it's not actually missing from the downloads. I believe creating an "edit_page.php" script is actually a "pursue" point at the end of the chapter. I believe a search of this forum will find other people's posts on this script and how they pursued it.

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