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Images Not Displaying Properly Ie9, Ie10

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It seems that I am needing help a bit lately and I hope that I am not over-doing it!


Suddenly, for no reason that I can ascertain, images displayed in an HTML table, which is generated by PHP, are ignoring the associated CSS parameters, but only in IE9 and IE10.  Works perfectly in Firefox.


I am assuming that there is an error somewhere in the CSS which causes IE browsers to ignore those parameters, but so far I have been unable to find the error.


Here's a bit of the code:

echo "<tr>

       <td align='left'><input type=\"checkbox\" name=\"checked_trans[$key]\" value='$woa_name' /></td>

       <td align='left'> $gal_name</td>

       <td align='left'> $woa_name</td>

       <td align='left' class='table_icon'><img src='$icon_file_name'></td>

       <td align='left' class='woa_image'><img src='$woa_file_name'></td>


and here's the CSS:

.admin_table td,

.admin_table th


 border: 1px purple solid;

 font-size: 75%;

 vertical-align: top;

.admin_table tr


 color: black;

.table_icon img


 width: 40%;

.woa_image img


 width: 50%; 


The problem is that the 'woa_image' is not scaling to fit the width of the table column.  The image is 1100px wide and scales to 50% of the table column width in Firefox, but does not scale at all in either IE9 or IE10.


Can anyone advise where I am going wrong? And why this suddenly may have started?


Any help will be most appreciated.



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