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Maybe There'S A Mistake In Script 8.2

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Dear experts:


There seems to be a problem with script 8.2 in the C++ book.  I can't find any constructors for the subclasses.  Also, this script is not present in the downloaded cpp_scripts folder.  It skips this one, is it because it has this problem?  Thank you.


Michael J. Zehe

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I merely failed to see the constructor + deconstructor on lines 31-35 and 65-79, being bleary-eyed after studying this stuff too much.  I was also confused because pets.cpp is script 8.1, but pets2.cpp is 8.3, and it seemed that Larry had shifted things somehow.  Failing to see that 8.2 was flow.cpp. 


I told you my brain was smoked!!



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