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Chapter 9 - The User Registration Form

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I've finished chapter 9 and am currently attempting to create a registration form on the site using HTML_QuickForm2. Everything is working fine, except I can't seem to return error messages if the username and/or email address are already registered. Here is the code after the form has been submitted:

// Add the submit button
	$errors = array();
	// validate the form data
		//check to see if the email is available
		$select_query = 'SELECT id FROM users WHERE email=:email or username=:username';
		$stmt = $pdo->prepare($select_query);
		$select_result = $stmt->execute(array(':email'=>$email->getValue(), ':username'=>$username->getValue()));
		// Check to see if email address is available
		if(mysqli_num_rows($select_result)==0){ // if the email address or username are available
			// Insert the user into the database
			$insert_query = 'INSERT INTO users (userType, username, email, pass, dateAdded)
			VALUES (:userType, :username, :email, SHA1(:password), NOW())';
			$stmt = $pdo->prepare($insert_query);
			$insert_result = $stmt->execute(array
			if($insert_result){ // if it ran ok
				// freeze the form upon success
			} else {
				$errors[] = ('You could not be registered at this time');
		} else { // if the username/password are already registered
			$errors[] = ('The username and/or password have already been registered.');

The problem is that only the error message in the 'insert_result' else statement is displayed when I loop through the results in the register.html view. Any other errors added to the array are not displayed, so the user is not notified why they can't register. Is this a problem with the way I'm trying to implement it (objects instead of procedurally) or is there something obvious that I've missed?


Hope I've explained myself well and thanks in advance for any suggestions.



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