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Logistics - Purchased Kindle - Vs Pdf

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I've been a long-time reader of your books - having purchased the E-Commerce and several other PHP introduction books.


They were critical in the success of helping me create somewhat of a little site for my family (7 children) while providing a small little store for my wife.


I'm also a webmaster for a board gaming review site that uses a CMS and I often have a hard time understanding how to custom-write PHP code and get it to integrate with the CMS itself.  That, and having had to update my site a bit I've realized there's just more that I simply don't grasp yet and, now that I've gotten my feet wet, I want to take the next step.


Having said that, i just bought the Advanced book on Amazon - the kindle edition - but was really hoping for a PDF copy of it that I could use with a different reader on my IPAD.  I can furnish copies of the receipts for proof of purchase



September 11, 2013

I would also like to purchase your Javascript book as I had to develop some out-of-the-box scripting (with the help of some friends) to handle client side events (ie price options changing on store items and having total prices change upon selections) and thus I really need to learn more about that - but didn't want to make that jump unless I could ensure I could get a PDF copy of that as well.


Please let me know.  If able, the email I used to sign up for this account could be used (if that's even an option).


In closing - thank you!  You really have a wonderful way of helping teach in the way your books are organized and examples used.  Your books have been SUCH a huge help to me.



Rob Searing

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Thank you very much for the nice words, Rob. I'm glad my books have been helpful and it's kind of you to say so.


Unfortunately, I've got nothing to do with the selling of these books. I'm pretty sure I don't even have my own electronic copies of almost all of them. So I can't really help you out there (also, since you bought the Kindle version through Amazon, but the PDF would have to be purchased through the publisher, buying the one wouldn't get you access to the other). 


For the JavaScript book (and thanks for your interest in it), make sure you buy it directly from the publisher: 


The electronic version from the publisher comes in PDF, epub, and mobi (for the Kindle). 


Thanks again!

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