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Chapter 4, Two More Errata

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Hi Larry,


Your book is great!I am reading it and practicing it.


Well, I think there is one small English language issue on Chapter 3, P81


"In a word, logical errors are bugs, commonly caused by the code doing exactly
what you told it to....."


I guess usually the phrase 'in a word' is just followed by a word, not a long sentence, right?




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Got it, thanks Larry.


As I am continuing reading Chapter 4, I found an additional '(' on P113:


"Thanks to the ability to chain object notation,
this could be reduced to one line:
if ( (document.getElementById(‘email’).value.length > 0) { ... "


This line of code has an extra opening parentheses before (document.getElementById...

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Also on P121:



7. Add an event listener to the form:
function init() {
‘use strict’;
document.getElementById(‘calcForm’).onsubmit = formatNames;
} // End of init() function.



The code in Step 7 should actually refer to the element with an id value of theForm, which is what the corresponding downloadable code uses.

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