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Guidance Needed, Adding An Author Line To Pages Chap 9

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Hi all, trying to wrap my head around this (Its alot to digest!)

Im on chap 9 and trying to alter things a bit.

I want to create a way to display the author of the page. Like a credit type of thing (written by...)


The Page class returns the creatorID but to get the user name associated with that ID to display is where Im not sure of the proper way to go.


Ive read through the earlier chapters and it seems like either extending the class might work like in the pets example or the interface examples might work also.

Then it almost seems to make more sense to simply do a join in the query.


Im afraid of making things more complex than what they need to be because Im learning something new... if that makes sense


So Im looking to the more knowledgeable for guidance on the best approach to get the user name associated with the ID in the Page class


Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks


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