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// JavaScript Document

//declare variables
    function calculate(){
    var weight, height, bmi;
    weight= $('#weight').val();
    height= $('#height').val();
  //calculate total
  bmi = weight*703/(height*height);
  bmi = bmi.toFixed(1);
   if (bmi < 18.5){
     $('#bmi_message').html('Your BMI shows you are under weight.');
  if (bmi >= 18.5 && bmi <= 24.9){
      $('#bmi_message').html('Your BMI shows you are a normal weight.');
  if (bmi >= 25 && bmi <= 29.9){
      $('#bmi_message').html('Your BMI shows you are over weight.');
     if (bmi > 30){
    $('#bmi_message').html('Your BMI show you are obese.');

return false;

}//end of calculate function

        rules: {
        height: "Please enter a valid height between 24 in. and 100 in.", weight: "Please enter a valid weight between 20 lb. and 500 1b."
    return false;

I am trying to get this so that it does not calculate unless the form is validated.  Not sure what I am doing wrong.

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What's the HTML form look like? What, if any, errors are you seeing? What is working? What isn't working? What's happening that shouldn't? What isn't happening that should? 


In short: give us more to go on here.

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