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Creating A Sub-Domain In Xampp

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As discussed in the book, I have XAMPP running on my development PC (full configuration is below).


In the xampp/htdocs directory on the server I have quite a few different websites which I can run using http://localhost/sitename/ where index.php is within the sitename directory structure in each case.


I want to set up a sub-domain within one of these applications so I'm trying to achieve http://localhost/sub.sitename, again, that sub-domain would have its own index.php script.


All the examples that I have been able to find on the 'net give directions for setting up http://sub.localhost not http://localhost/sub.sitename


Can anyone please give me guidance on exactly what to put in the httpd-vhosts.conf file to achieve what I'm trying to achieve?


And also exactly what to put in the windows hosts file?


And is this the way to achieve what I'm trying to?


Any guidance will be most appreciated, and thank you in anticipation.


My environment is:

. Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
. Internet Explorer 10
. Firefox 22.0
. Dreamweaver CS5 as the text editor

. XAMPP for Windows 1.8.3 which comprises:

.. Apache 2.4.4

.. PHP 5.5.3

.. MySQL 5.6.11

.. phpMyAdmin 4.0.4


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It looks like I don't have to do anything with the XAMPP/Apache control files.


It seems that all I need to do is to create a new directory named sub.sitename within the htdocs directory on the server.  I have tried this and it seems to be quite accessible via http://localhost/sub.sitename

which has its own index.php file within it.


If anyone has any further thoughts on this I'd welcome them.


Thanks, and Cheers from Oz, Necuima.




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