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I've been reading and applying PHP and MYSQL - second edition - to a website I've been creating...is there a suggestion on what book I should get next - is there added information in the latest edition that would make it worth purchasing? Does the advanced php book use mysql where I could apply new ideas to my current site?


Also, any suggestion for a good HTML book? I've nearly finished my website using what I remember from a class I took and a book that goes back even farther published in 1997! It would be nice to have a reference book that was uptodate.

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It's a simple site using most of what the first book had to offer. I register users, login, add records, look at records, and allow a user to get more information by taking the record...users are charged points so records are updated and added. users are given points when they supply information so records are edited. I'm using php and mysql. I'm thinking I need to update to mysqli - I'm editing using notepad++ and uploading to a godaddy server to test my changes and site.

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Yeah, I would definitely upgrade to the MySQLi family of functions and/or prepared statements. The 4th edition of the book you already have uses the MySQLi functions, but I think purchasing it is unnecessary since you could easily find the same info on the Internet for free.


Since your site isn't that big or advanced, I don't think that the advanced PHP book is necessary either. If you were thinking about doing something e-commerce related, then the e-commerce book is a good buy. The e-commerce book also covers a lot of stuff about security, which is always good to know. (Please note that the 2nd edition of that book is coming out in early December.)


Other than that, you could try out the JavaScript book, but it sounds to me like your site doesn't really need it that much anyway.


As for HTML good books, to be honest, I've not found any that I feel are really up to snuff. All the books I have read are either really old and out of date, or they just plain have a lot of wrong info. I think that a lot of people know how to use HTML to more or less get what they want, but very few truly understand the details, which to me, makes a big difference.


More than an HTML book though, I'd recommend a good CSS book that will teach you how to write your HTML so that it best fits with your CSS. To that end, I would recommend the following book:


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