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Am I Learning The Right Thing?


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I wish to be respectful of the segregation of issues in the various forums. But I could not decide for sure which forum would be appropriate for this post. Hopefully my question will not be inappropriate for this one.


I reached a point with PHP the Web: Visual QuickStart Guide (4th Edition) and then became unable to follow it. That's typical for me: quit on something and then give it another go later. So I'm ready to try again with PHP. But I notice that there seem to be many more developers encouraging the mastering of JavaScript than PHP. And that leads me to wonder if they are competing languages so that it's merely a personal preference, or do they do entirely different things so that one needs to learn both if he hopes to be a full-service website builder. I'm 68 y/o and need an explanation on that level, or maybe, for a ten year-old (about the same thing). Thank you

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PHP and JavaScript are not really competing technologies. I would argue you need to learn both. And although there is now server-side JavaScript, PHP and JavaScript generally server different purposes. In my opinion, JavaScript is much harder to learn than PHP, however. (PHP is really one of the easiest languages to learn.)

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