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I downloaded the latest package for this book and it does not include the bootstrap css file (or any for that matter) as well as the template.html file.


Am I missing anything?


The template.html is not a big deal considering I can use the header/footer and index file included but the stylesheet is a must.


Thank you, ps I have been through all of your latest PHP books and they are awesome.  Keep em coming!



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Hey Larry,


I appreciate the update. I am not sure if I missed it but, I downloaded it again, and still missing any CSS files and the template.html file.


I downloaded this: 

from here: http://www.larryullman.com/books/effortless-e-commerce-with-php-and-mysql-2nd-edition/

and I tried here: http://www.larryullman.com/downloads


Appears to be the same as the last one I downloaded.



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Just posted a new version of the files with the template for ex1. If you look at the template, or if you look at the includes/header.html file, you'll see what Bootstrap CSS files are used. I'm almost positive the book explicitly states what Bootstrap example is used, too. 


For many reasons I'd be best not to included Bootstrap in the downloaded files, but if you're still having any problems, let me know. 

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Well, I downloaded bootstrap and looked up the sticky footer with fixed navbar by martin bean but have something completely different than what's shown in the book.  I've followed it page by page, and I'm not new to developing.  


http://sejunky.com is where I am hosting the site. (dummy domain)


This is the version of the stick footer stylesheet I found online: https://gist.github.com/mokagio/1918937


Doesn't seem right.


I appreciate the support, but we shouldn't be relying on search engines to hopefully land on the right resource.  Not trying to be a pain, but as you can see the example has no form whatsoever.  I am using the default bootstrap.min.css.  I have been waiting for this book for a long time and want to do it right.  No rush but can we please get this figured out?  Thank you.

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So...to explain my thinking. There are licensing issues in redistributing other people's code, along with version issues. So I didn't want to include Bootstrap in my downloads. In my mind, I expected that a seasoned developer would read the chapter, see the section where I say "this is based upon the such and such Bootstrap example", and then you'd go download that. 


But this has been too frustrating for you than it should be, so I just reposted a new version with the CSS files included. Apologies for the hassles.

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