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Replacing Magento Ce With A E-Commerce Site From This Book?

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Hi Larry,


at our company we are planning to upgrade our old web store build on Magento Community Edition with new one that has more features, new design, etc. To extend Magento functionality we're planning to integrate it with Wordpress also: to implement corporate blog, product portfolio and recipes where our (superfood) products are used.


My question is: is it possible to replace Magento CE webstore with a solution for the E-Commerce site that is presented in this book, because that would be my wish and challange as a programmer/developers as I'm little bit frustrated with adapting complicated Magento to our needs?


My point is if we could manage to build a site from the scratch it would be more easly understandable, managed and upgraded with new features, etc. than a complex Magento site where you're senteced to browsing forums searching for solution when you encounter problems.


But there is also a concern if could implement all the functionalities that we need and Magento offers it in a decent time. We would like to have a new site in 2 months and there will be 2 developers working on a new site. Maybe we could push deadline little further if advantages of developing our own E-Commerce system would be presented properly.


We will need following main functionalities:

- security

- multiple categories of physical product presentation,

- shopping cart,

- accepting payments through PayPal  (the other option is to collect money with money transfer to our account),

- ordering for non-logged and logged custumers,

- orders and custumers handling in back-end,

- sending order emails,

- easy translateble (localization) site so it could be reused by our distributers in different countries

- etc..


I know my concern is very complex but I hope it has some sense for you although. Any advice would be very appreciated.


With Best Regards,



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Thanks for your questions and for the interest in the book. I appreciate it. The book covers all of those topics except for localization. My concern is your timeline. I'm all for developing things from scratch, but all of that by two developers in two months is aggressive. Your ability to pull that off will depend entirely upon your skill levels and experience.


I'm not exactly sure how you convince the bosses of this change, either. The WordPress integration is going to be a complication with either route, though. If there are Magento integrations with WordPress, you'll be great unless it doesn't do exactly what you need. To do your own integration with WordPress, you'll need pretty good comfort with how WordPress is developed.


Hope that helps and good luck!

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Thank you so much for your advice. It's really nice you have direct contact with custumers.


Yes, timeline is of greatest concern, maybe we're alrready too late to start development from the scratch. But still I Will consider purchase of your book.


For the WordPress integration I already tested Fishpig extension for the Magento which looked OK, but will probably need some adaptation too.


With Best Regards,


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I'm dealing with something similar. I am sold on Effortless E-Commerce with PHP and MySQL. But, I am developing a WordPress site. I'm considering the following solution: put the WordPress site on the main domain (www.maindomain.com) and use a subdomain or subdirectory for the store (www.store.maindomain.com).


Any thoughts?



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