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Hi All,


I updated the PHP installed with Mac OSX Mavericks (10.9). The installed version was some flavor of 5.4, I believe. The updated version is 5.5.6.


I wanted to turn off output buffering to instruct myself on what happens when it is off and when it is on.


I tried to change output buffering like so (these are the grouped directives as given, with the fifth line as my own addition):


;  output_buffering
;  Default Value: Off
;  Development Value: 4096
;  Production Value: 4096
   output_buffering = Off


I saved the directive, quit the terminal, and restarted Apache (almost a dozen times). The directive remained the same, but my_phpinfo.php will not change. It still says "output_buffering=4096".


The my_phpinfo.php page in this version indicates the following path for the loaded configuration file:




It also indicates the following path to a directory that contains additional .ini files:




This directory contains the following .ini files:


10-extension_dir.ini        50-extension-pdo_pgsql.ini
50-extension-apcu.ini        50-extension-pgsql.ini
50-extension-curl.ini        50-extension-readline.ini
50-extension-gmp.ini        50-extension-redis.ini
50-extension-igbinary.ini    50-extension-solr.ini
50-extension-intl.ini        50-extension-ssh2.ini
50-extension-mcrypt.ini        50-extension-twig.ini
50-extension-memcache.ini    50-extension-uploadprogress.ini
50-extension-memcached.ini    50-extension-xdebug.ini
50-extension-mongo.ini        50-extension-xhprof.ini
50-extension-mssql.ini        50-extension-xsl.ini
50-extension-oauth.ini        99-liip-developer.ini

When, for instance, I changed date.timezone in the main .ini file, my_phpinfo.php didn't update. I had to also change it in "99-liip-developer.ini", in order to overwrite "Zurich" with "America/Los_Angeles".


Could it be that output_buffering is also a directive in one of the additional .ini files? I'm not being lazy. I don't mind going through those files one-by-one to see if it's in there so I can change it. But if someone knows beforehand that would help.


Also, how can I tell if output_buffering is on, despite what may be indicated in my_phpinfo.php? Or is it that whatever is indicated in my_phpinfo.php is "always accurate", thereby precluding the need to test output_buffering?


I appreciate your help.



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Editing the /usr/local/php5/lib/php.ini file will suffice. The problem is you're editing an earlier line in the script, under the "Quick Reference" section. Later in the script you'll find another output_buffering line which is setting the value to 4096.


Also make sure you restart the web server after saving your changes.

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