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I am using PMA Version 4.1.3.


I created a datbase named "cars". I tried to create a table on that database, but noticed that there were three missing columns/directives. They are the following:


MIME Types
Browser Transformation
Transformation Options


Without these, I can only scroll horizontally as far as "A_I Comments".


I understand so far that I have to create some additional table (phpmyadmin, maybe?) in order to enable these and other advanced features. But if that's the answer, I don't know how to do that. And the information on the web is rather unclear.


I want to use phpmyadmin because of this book, as well as the ubiquitous nature of pma, in general. I bought a book on pma, and am using that, too. But I am taking that thing "page by page" and am not currently using it as a reference. I don't want to start using it to "put out fires" that I don't yet understand.


Thank you, in advance, for your help!



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Generally speaking, I don't quite follow what you're talking about. In case it's not clear, phpMyAdmin is just an interface for your database. It's a convenience. If you have a problem such as table columns missing, then the table wasn't created properly. 


It's not clear how you're creating these tables, but that's what you would have to look at first.

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Hi Larry,


Thanks for the response. And I apoligize for my own late response. Post holiday has been very hectic for me.


Yes, PMA is a convenience. And soon I will be using the command line, only because of the discipline it requires and the granular control it offers. To that end, I am studing UNIX/Linux and their commands so I can use the Mac Terminal more efficiently to communicate with MySQL at the command line.


For now, I have to learn PMA just because it's smart to do so.


Anyhow, I should have been more clear in my original post. My issue dealt with (generally) enabling advanced features in PMA. And whether we install it as part of an AMP stack, or as an individual component, it does NOT install the phpmyadmin database; ergo, the advanced features don't get installed either.


I figured it out on my own a few days ago. But just this morning, David Powers responded to my request via Lynda.com, confirmed my own/same solution, and then posted a solid step-by-step tutorial at his own website here http://foundationphp.com/tutorials/pma_config.php.


For the benefit of the PHP and MySQL for Dynamic Websites forum, I will also start another topic correctly entitled "Enabling Advanced Features in PHPMyAdmin" (with appropriate tags), and post Mr. Powers' tutorial there.


I appreciate everything you do.



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You're more than welcome, Larry.


I think you're a gift to the industry. So, I'm thankful for the gift. But I'm also grateful for the sacrifice. The former sentiment is just etiquette. The latter expression is plain sensibility.


I'll be hanging around a lot more.

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